Zebra - Pedestal Mount

  • Custom finished, distressed black satin lacquered, oak pedestal base with African habitat.
  • Exotic woods and special effects bases are also available upon request.
  • Special effects include L.E.D. lighting, hand carvings & natural wood formations. Contact Doug to discuss any concept you may wish to employ to create a truly unique, one of a kind trophey.

Zebra Taxidermist Pedistal Mount
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Noteworthy Details

  • Subtle facial veining has been added.
  • Eye tissues / folds of skin and lids have been accurately replicated.
  • Special 2 part fluid (developed for use in the graphics industry) creates realistic tears which last indefinitely.
  • Splayed mane technique: many Zebra mounts you'll see have flattened manes where the live animal exhibits a full splayed mane. We study extensively, each and every specie in order to capture every detail that exists on the live specimen.

Zebra Taxidermist Mount Head Photo
Zebra Taxidermy Mount Close-up of Eye
Zebra Muzzle

Michigan Taxidermist Mount Back View of Zebra