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2011 - World Taxidermy Championship Photos
St. Charles, MO
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Taxidermy mount of bear and mountain lion and deer.  
World Taxidermy Competition Mount of Black Bear and Mt. Lion

Professional Division
Life-size Large Mammal Catagory
2-First Place Awards - Mt. Lion & Bear
(2nd & 3rd Highest Scoreing Mounts Respectively)

Competition taxidermy is very exacting and is judged by highly accomplished master taxidermists using high powered flashlights and magnification devices going over each piece with a fine tooth comb. In order to excel, the competitors must be completely familiar with each specimens anatomy and the finest details of inner mouth & eye detail, coloration and convincing replication of those details. The second and equally important consideration is an artistic presentation of the animals, telling a visual story.  A blue ribbon score would be 90-100, 100 being considered as perfect.

These mounts scored as follows: Mt. Lion-96 / Black Bear-95 / Dead deer-87

The following photos were taken at the World Show

Bear Mount Head with Open Mouth    Mt. Lion Head with Open Mouth

Black Bear Mount Mouth    Mt. Lion Mount Mouth

Dead Deer Mount    Doug Smith with World Championship Mount

As a Michigan taxidermist, and a member of the Michigan Taxidermist Association, you can trust use to be a reputable Michigan Taxidermist.
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