Whitetail - Pedistal Mount

  • The whitetail buck is quite possibly the most beautiful and sought after trophy in the nation. Which also makes it the most commonly mounted of any game head.  Why settle for a "common" mount?  You have a choice; bring him to someone who's only goal is to see how many mounts they can bang out in a week or choose to have something you can be proud of for a lifetime!

Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Mount
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  • Remember: "we make no attempt at mass production" we'll put more time into your mount, which means of course, you'll spend a bit more.
  • We compete strictly on the basis of quality and creativity.
  • If price is your primary deciding factor, there are plenty of other choices out there for you.
  • These photos depict the typical attention to detail we offer and also the unique "custom built" pedistal mount, just another example of our desire to create uncommon quality for you!

Whitetail Deer Mount Face View Whitetail Taxidermy Mount Eye Photo
Whitetail Deer Michigan Taxidermist Mount Muzzel Photo

Whitetail Deer Mount on Pedistal