River Otter - Life Size Wall Mount

  • Completely re-sculpted manikin on custom designed, free form plaque.
  • This is only the second piece of taxidermy art ever attempted by Doug Smith, the first being a mink which took blue in the amateur division the year before.  Doug recalls this 1999 experience: After putting my first mount in the MTA"98" competition and attending many seminars, I became really excited about this art form and dove in head first! Utilizing skills gained in my 20+ years as a sign artist and a life long passion for God's creation, the vision of this piece came together.  I was happy with the final result and decided to enter the professional division.  I was really surprised and thrilled when I walked onto the show floor and saw a blue ribbon!  Then, some of the seasoned veteran competition taxidermists came up to me and started saying things like "I think you may have won the WASCO award" to which I replied that's nice, what is it?  They looked at me in disbelief and said "oh it's only one of the most coveted awards, they only hand out about 50 nationally for the most artistic entry of the show".  Well they were right and I was humbled to receive it.  I also entered it in the World taxidermy competition where it earned a second place ribbon. I also noticed that the following year there was an exact copy of this pose available in many of the supply catalogs!  As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Needless to say this event ignited a dormant passion to explore this God givin gift for re-creating the works of His hand.  As I study the details of each of His creatures I'm still filled with wonder, they're all so magnificent!

Michigan Taxidermist Mount of Diving Otter