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Pursuit Taxidermy is a full service, artistically oriented studio with an emphasis on high quality, personalized service.  As a licensed
Michigan Taxidermist, I make no attempt at mass-production, but rather high standard works of art intended for you to treasure and enjoy for a lifetime. 

My commitment is to provide only the highest quality mounts available with a reasonable turn around.  We accept a limited number of pieces annually to assure this commitment to you.

Misson Statement:

Pursuit Taxidermy Studio is dedicated to the pursuit of capturing the extraordinary and awe-inspiring beauty contained in God's magnificent wild creatures.  It is our pleasure to offer a new level of truly artistic presentation of your hard earned trophies.  Meticulous attention to detail, anatomical accuracy and artistic composition are the hallmarks of each and every piece we have the privilege of producing for you. 

Extraordinary craftsmanship and artistry will be the rule... not the exception.  We will strive to exceed your expectations!

A word about our creative process:

We invite you, in fact encourage you, to participate in the creation of your personal trophy.
  • First, if possible, take photos - lots of them.  Head shots, close-ups of eyes, lips, chin etc.
  • Photos of your surrounding area are also very useful for us to help you capture and savor that moment of accomplishment forever.
Now, with that being said, we can also work with;
  • Verbal descriptions or a special memory captured in your mind's eye.  We've got plenty of imagination, more than enough to share.
You can be involved in every phase of your creation from; pose selection, facial expression, habitat and special effects.   Or if you prefer, simply leave it in our hands and we promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Member of the Michigan Taxidermist Association.
 a Michigan taxidermist, and a member of the Micgan Taxidermist Association, you can trust us to be aAs a Michigan taxidermist, and a member of the Michigan Taxidermist Association, you can trust us to 

Doug Smith
Holland, MI  49423

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2011 - World
Taxidermy Championships

World Taxidermy Competition Mount 2011

First in the World...Twice!

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