Gemsbok - Lifesize Mount
  • Beauty in motion, the pinnacle in trophy presentation...a snapshot, capturing a moment in time. All these statements describe the life size mount.
  • This piece employs the spectrum of ours skills. Artistry, composition, metal fabrication, the works. The sum of these parts equals a one of a kind, 360 degree, piece of wildlife art that you'll never tire of looking at.
  • We will work with you to develop the ideal pose and presentation, taking into consideration your concept or visualization, decor and spacial constraints. Exceeding expectations is our goal.
  • Again the limitations of photography do not allow you to fully appreciate the finer details. The interior of the mouth has been completely re-created so realistically, you may be afraid to put your hand near it.

Rearing Gemsbok Full Body Mount, Right Side
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Rearing Gemsbok Full Body Mount, Left Side
Gemsbok Mount Face View
Gemsbok Mount Close-up of Eye
Gemsbok Mount Head View from Left Side
Gemsbok Mount Nose
Gemsbok Mount Head View from Front
Gemsbok Mount View of Eye