Bobcat - Life Size Mount
  • This piece was accomplished by casting each individual body part of the actual specimen, then re-assembled.  This becomes necessary when there is simply no manikin on the market that suits the vision the artist has in his mind.
  • Another of the unique aspects is the "special effects" habitat background.  This habitat features a hand carved, snow ring finished with layers of special epoxy.  The moon is an actual photographic transparency of the real thing, while the stars are fiber optic strands emanating from the moon fixture.  The horizon effect is created with a hand painted skyline in front of exotic glass neon, all contained beneath a special satin black/white plexiglas sheet.  One of the more amusing details are the icicles fashioned from melted clear plastic toilet plunger handles.  It was a tad bit embarrassing leaving the super market with a dozen toilet plungers under my arm; but the creative mind knows no shame.
  • This project illustrates some of the options made possible by our cross-over artistic techniques and knowledge acquired through our many years in the sign industry.  If you have the desire to acquire a truly special addition to your collection, it is quite possible we may be your best source. "We've got ideas we haven't even thought of yet!"

This piece is available  for purchase, please contact Doug for details.

Bobcat Mount on Lighted Custom Carved Backdrop