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Hello, and thank you for visiting Pursuit Taxidermy website!

I'm Doug, and I'd like to give you a bit of background on myself.  My artistic career started as a child, drawing cartoon strips for my sixth grade newsletter, and continued on through my adult life.  I believe the good Lord has given me a gift and it has served me well.

At the age of 20, I entered the world of "blue collar" commercial art, as a sign painter.  By age 22, I had launched my very own sign business.  First as a sign painter and progressively, as the business grew (over the span of 30 years), a national award winning sign designer and creative director of our sign business.  During this span of time I was also an avid outdoor enthusiast, hunting, fishing and trapping.  This love of the great outdoors coupled with a need to pursue outlets for my creative side, led me to the world of taxidermy.  In 1998 I entered my first piece, a mink in a snow scene, in the Michigan Taxidermists competition.  I took a blue ribbon with that one, in the amateur division.

After joining the Michigan Taxidermists Association and attending the teaching seminars available at the 1998 competition, I began to realize this "pursuit" was quickly becoming a passion for me.  In the 1999 Michigan Taxidermists competition I entered my second piece, a diving otter, in the professional division.  I truly didn't expect what happened next; that piece was chosen as the best of category in the state.  I had veteran Michigan Taxidermists coming up to me saying congratulations and I think you may have won the WASCO award.  I was embarrassed to have to ask one of them "what's the WASCO award?"  It's a very coveted honor, the most artistic entry of the entire competition, chosen by all the judges and I was blessed to indeed receive that award!  It was at that competition that I was encouraged by my judge (and creator of  Breakthrough Taxidermy magazine) Larry Bloomquist, to enter the piece in the World Taxidermy Competition.  I took his advice and was very pleased to earn a second place with the otter at the world level!

Since that eventful year, I've continued to study, practice, study and practice some more.  Attending seminars, learning more and more techniques to recreate the amazingly beautiful creatures that God has created.  That is...when time allowed between operating a small business and being a family guy, grandfather and horseman /outdoors man. After several years of practicing my new found craft on my own personal projects, in 2010 I made the decision to officially become a Michigan Taxidermist.  I've realized that I find so much gratification in producing a highly detailed, ultra realistic piece of taxidermy work, that I simply must continue to follow this "pursuit".

It is my hope that I will be able to provide a new level of quality to the discriminating sportsperson.  And offer world class creative options above and beyond the normal, run of the mill, taxidermy studio.

After the "pursuit" of your game is over, continue by exploring our "pursuit" of excellence in preserving your memories!

Thanks for considering PURSUIT TAXIDERMY.

Doug Smith
Holland, MI  49423

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